Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Managed WiFi is essentially a business-oriented service which allows an enterprise to outsource various functions to a third-party service provider, such as an internet access provider or a security monitoring company. In the past, it would have been virtually impossible for businesses large or small to afford their own wireless networks. That is why it was necessary for these companies to rely on major providers of business networks like Cisco, ShoreTel or Nortel. The major providers offer managed services at very high cost. This is because they have exclusive rights to install, maintain and monitor large networks.

Smaller companies with fewer financial resources might find it difficult to establish their own wireless networks if they do not have a major internet service provider. This is where Managed WiFi comes into play. By outsourcing managed services to internet service providers, you can enjoy the benefits of having your own dedicated business internet connection without having to pay high monthly fees. You don’t need to worry about hardware maintenance, software upgrades and so on. The managed service providers take care of all that for you.

If you are planning to build a new business operations center or to upgrade your existing wireless network, you should definitely consider this option. Major businesses around the globe have been benefiting from managed wifi for quite some time. A few of the major companies that have benefitted from this technology are Dell, Scottrade, Prudential Financial, JP Morgan Chase and Sun Trust. These businesses were able to eliminate the need for them to purchase their own costly and complicated WLAN routers and they avoided the additional costs of having technicians to help maintain the wired wifi networks as they did not have the capacity to handle such tasks.

With managed wifi service providers, you can also have complete control over the configuration of your wireless networks.

You can change the SSID, network modes, passwords, or any combination thereof. With the help of managed networks managed services offered by managed wifi solutions providers, you can also be in charge of the security features included in the managed networks. You can choose among various security options to help secure your data. This will also help you customize the software or hardware that will be used to monitor and help troubleshoot your networks.

Wireless service providers offering managed wifi solutions also allow you to choose between third party application vendors. You can choose to use the software application provided by the vendor and can customize the hardware according to your specific needs analysis. You will be provided with detailed reports on the entire operation and network design from start to finish. These reports are also designed to help you make the necessary changes if needed. With the help of a managed wifi network infrastructure provided by managed services provider companies, you can make the necessary changes as your business needs evolve and you may require them at some point in the future.

The managed services also allow for the generation of audit reports and threat management reports, which will help you audit the operations running through your managed networks. The audits conducted will help you see whether the wireless network configuration you have in place is working effectively. You can also get reports on the performance of your managed network services. With these reports you will also be able to derive how much you need to change in the wireless network design in order to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Some managed services provider companies also offer IT support for your businesses.

Depending on the needs and nature of your business you can opt for IT support service provider who will provide you with the most suitable solution for your organization. These service providers use the most current technology to give you fast and reliable connections. You can get fast data transfer rates, high quality voice and data transmission, easy accessibility to the internet, security monitoring and many other features.

  • A managed WiFi service provider who offers a managed services will take the necessary steps to keep your business safe from any security threats.
  • It helps in the efficient management of all the resources for better utilization.
  • For this they conduct security risk analysis and perform security patching for your systems. These services will help you in: