Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

Education has gone through many changes in the last hundred years. From standardized tests to classroom discipline, change is seen in every aspect of education. Some things have remained the same, while others are totally new. Here are five education-related changes that took place in the last century.

School day: In the early 1900s, students took much longer to finish school than today.

The school day was also more rigorous. This had an impact on the quality of education but also caused many other problems.

Teachers: Today, it’s easier to hire better teachers. But this only occurred because there were so many teachers. But in the early 20th century, many were too overworked.

School discipline: During the 1900s, students were often suspended or expelled for minor infractions. This helped to improve the reputation of schools but it also made it more difficult to discipline students. Discipline can now be applied with greater fines and suspensions for any infraction.

Religion and education: There were a lot of religious influences on schools during the 1900s. Parents believed in God and taught their children in this way. This has contributed to an increase in religious education today.

Education and work: Work and education are treated very differently in different parts of the world. Some countries found it convenient to have separate institutions for these two. However, people today do not have this luxury.

Schools in isolation: Schools were set up to provide a broad curriculum.

However, that was different in many rural areas. It was common to have only one or two schools in a region. Now that’s all changed.

Disadvantages of a public school: Today, public schools face a very tough task in educating a large number of students. In the past, it was easy to educate students in any way possible. Many schools had poor facilities and this made education very expensive.

Lack of training in education: Today, we see many teachers who hold little knowledge about education. They also don’t have adequate training to teach. This is a serious problem.

An important part of society runs through education. It should not be neglected in the present. Each country should have the opportunity to educate their children. We cannot afford to continue to neglect our young people.

Society needs to start teaching our children how to learn. We can’t expect them to have the skills if they don’t know how to learn.

  • It’s just common sense that our children must be able to understand the education system.
  • Education can only improve when people are willing to learn.
  • This will only occur when they have a good chance to be taught by some competent teacher.